How I Went from Zero to Enrolling 3,000 Students in Just 2 Years

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    The South Pole Tragedy. A true story about two men who took different approaches to reaching the South Pole but who had very different outcomes. One was a success while the other a tragedy. Business success largely depends on the path you choose.
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    10X Your Guitar Teaching Business. There are a handful of extremely successful guitar teachers in any city, (let’s call them 10x guitar teachers) and then there are the rest. Top performing guitar teachers prepare by gathering as much knowledge and information as possible usually from people who already possess the knowledge they require. They don’t rely on luck. 
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    Do you build your own guitars?. Very few guitarists actually build their own guitars. Did you ever wonder why? The answer is obvious. Why spend hundreds of hours learning how to design and build a guitar when what you actually want to do is play. Same applies to teaching guitar. 
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    Why we should always be learning. By learning I don’t mean learning how to be a better guitarist as that's a given. I mean learning to become a better teacher and entrepreneur. No matter what profession you choose these days, constantly updating and improving your skills are part of the package. A doctor, dentist, mechanic, pilot, lawyer, accountant etc who is not regularly updating their skills will soon fall behind and the same applies to guitar teachers.
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    The critical importance of structure. As a musician you know all too well the importance of structure. Structure helps the listener make sense of music. Your teaching should be structured in a way that it makes sense to your students and your business should be structured so it’s profitable. Having a method of teaching is not just good for your teaching but good for your business. 
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    The role of networking in business. The old saying of 'its not what you know but who you know' has several meanings. Firstly it suggests that if we have friends in the right places we can get ahead in life. It also means that knowing people is more important than knowledge because when we know people we are able to source the answers we seek when we need them. Any way you look at it networking is important to success.
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    You must learn marketing. The first step to starting your teaching business is to have a website but not just any old website. Your website needs to be attracting the right visitors and turning them into student enquiries. Most websites are not design to be effective. They are often quite the opposite.