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The G4 GUITAR METHOD layout explained in 6mins

5 Reasons You SHOULD Be Using A Guitar Method...

  • 1. Students will practice more. It's tiring and frustrating having students turning up week after week having done little or practice. We can say they are lazy but in most cases the student is only partially to blame. Those same students often thrive under a different teacher and the reason is often the way the practice is presented. If your practice instructions are vague like "This week just work on the song we went over and the C scale." When the student is at home the next day they have already forgotten how exactly they should be practicing. Sure they may remember the song but they can't remember the exercises or which fingers or what tempo and in what order.  Numerous studies have shown that students in almost any area are more likely to practice if they are clear on what to practice. A method lays out exactly what to practice. When they can simply open to page 26 and practice the exercises you have marked it's EASY!
  • 2. Students will stay with you longer. One of the main reasons students quit lessons is because they (or their parents) just don't think the lessons are of value. I spoke to a friend recently whose son was having piano lessons but she decided to stop. When I asked why she explained that each week they would turn up for lessons and the teacher appeared disorganised with no real plan. When teachers improvise their lessons too much it comes across as disorganised. Lessons shouldn't necessarily be totally structured either but combining the use of a method with flexibility is a good balance. When I teach with a method I know basically where I am heading with my students. It acts as our compass and reassures students and parents that I have a plan and am not just winging it. 
  • 3. You will stand out from the competition. Some of your competitors will be using guitar method books but in my experience they tend to be the standard Hal Leonard & Mel Bay books. These books are good for learning reading but not much else so they tend to end up getting put aside. Most guitar teachers resort to teaching songs and improving their lessons. This puts you into the category of 'average guitar teacher'. It's a bad thing but it make you a stand out. When I first launched the G4 Guitar Method in my own teaching in 2005 I was surprised by how quickly word spread. I went from zero to 100 students in a matter of months and quickly began hiring teachers. In fact the students were enrolling at such a rapid rate that I had trouble finding teachers to teach them. The power of a method to make you stand out from your competition should not be underestimated. 
  • 4. You will spend less time preparing lessons. I worked out I was spending more than 200 hours a year preparing my lessons in the years before launching the G4 Guitar Method. This was unpaid work and even at the modest rate of $50 per hour it comes to $10,000 per year of unpaid work. That's crazy! Our time is valuable and we need to use it wisely. Had I spent that time working on a method from day one it would have been time well spent. Time spent on preparing for one lesson for one student is valuable one time and only for one student. Time spent developing a method becomes valuable for years and for many students. Yes you still need to prepare for individual students but with a good method the time required for lesson preparation is significantly less.
  • 5. The power of benchmarking. When I was teaching in the 1980's and 1990's I felt I was a better than average teacher but my self assessment was not really based on anything tangible. When lessons are improvised from week to week there is just no real way of knowing if your lessons are improving. Once I created a method everything changed. I now knew that if it took 12 months to take the average student from beginner to level 2 in my first year of using a method I had a benchmark. In my second year the aim was to shorten that average time. In just a few short years I was able to get students from beginner to level 2 is just 6 months. I was able to see a clear and measurable improvement.
  • CONCLUSION. The power of using a guitar method goes far beyond the above 5 points. When you start using something like the G4 Guitar Method you realise the many benefits and you will leave your competitors behind. You will almost certainly become the most sort after and talked about guitar teacher in your area. Remember that using a method is not about creating a rigid lesson structure. It's actually quite the opposite. It frees you up to be more creative with your teaching because you know that the essential skills are covered. When you get on stage knowing the songs you have to play perfectly is not restrictive. It is liberating and allows you the freedom to embellish and focus on performance and engaging your audience. The same applies to teaching. Knowing your repertoire is a good thing.

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