August 26

10 Ways To Get More Guitar Students


  1. Flyers. An effective flyer delivered directly to potential students in your area is perhaps the most powerful way to get more students.
  2. Referrals. Your current students are generally your loyal fans. Learning guitar is always more fun with friends so encourage your current students to invite a friend on three. It’s good for them and good for your business.
  3. Facebook Ads. When done right Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to spread your name. Target people in your area offering an introductory special and the ads will pay for themselves.
  4. Google Ads. They work a little differently to Facebook ads because they are generally seen by people searching for guitar lessons. This means they are highly targeted so ready to signup. Yes they cost more per student enquiry but they are more likely to sign up.
  5. Sponsorships. Think of schools, sports teams or local events. It’s all about getting your name out into your local community.
  6. Your website. Your website is an important part of your strategy for getting more students. Your ads will generally lead to your website. Your website will also be indexed on Google search so you want to make sure you include a good offer, a simple easy to understand layout and of course, your all important contact details.
  7. Blog. A blog is a great way to communicate with potential students in your area. If you make your blog a mix of guitar learning topics and local news you are more likely to appear in local search.
  8. Podcast. Just like a blog spreads text a podcast spreads your voice. Podcasts that stand the test of time work best. Record a series of 10 or more podcasts on the topic of learning guitar that will still be relevant in 5 years from now. I have personally gained a lot of clients from podcasts over the years.
  9. YouTube. It works much like podcasts only better. You could do lesson demos, interviews or even animations on learning guitar.
  10. Referrals. A very underrated but extremely powerful way to get more students. If your current students have not referred at least one student each you are seriously missing out. Each of students almost certainly knows one person who would be interested in learning guitar.

I can think of at least another 10 ways like networking, school newsletters, shopping centre promos, YouTube ads, Facebook groups, free workshops, guest clinics and so on. Hopefully this will get you started but don’t forget to subscribe for lots more tips.


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