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Who is G4 GUITAR and how can we help you?

Our goal at G4 GUITAR is to make the process of learning and teaching a better experience for all by supplying the best teacher training, teaching & business tools available.

Who is G4 GUITAR? G4 GUITAR began as a single guitar lesson studio in 2005 by David Hart. At that time David had been teaching guitar and operating a number of music schools for approximately 20 years. David took his two decades of experience and used it to create a guitar school like no other. He went on to enrol over 3000 students in a little over 2 years. This was not luck. David knew was great businesses of any kind were built on proven and tested systems. By 2005 David had already worked with thousands of students and over 100 teachers. Not only guitar teachers but teachers of all kinds of musical instruments. He was able to take the best of what he witnessed and combine it with his own experience along with a mountain of research on the topics of teaching, coaching, managing, personal development and business to come up with a winning formula. 

How can we help you?  In short, we know the business of teaching guitar probably better than anyone. Sure there are great guitar teachers out there but very few possess David Hart's 35 years of experience in the business. We can help you increase your student numbers dramatically. We do this by plugging you into our proven systems. This includes marketing plans and customised materials to help you find you students, sales scripts so you know exactly what to say, a business plan that will see you earn $100,000 per year or more and of course, a guitar method that will save you time and keep your students coming for longer. We basically have 90% of what you need covered. On top of all that we offer expert advice and support when you need it. Our philosophy is simple. Our success depends on your success.   

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In David's blog he focuses on the teaching and business but with a twist. He takes powerful lessons from other industries and relates them to teaching guitar and the business of teaching.