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Benefits of Teaching With The G4 GUITAR METHOD

Makes Your Teaching Easy

Why not make your life easy with a method that gives your students a structured course that covers the 7 Essential Skills every beginner needs to know.

Saves You Time

Lesson planning and preparation is one of the most time consuming aspects of teaching guitar. Having an easy to use structured method based on decades of research saves you valuable time.

Saves You Money

Buying lesson books for students can add up. Being able to print your own books for a fraction of the price will save you $100's and possibly even $1,000's over the long term.

Structured Yet Flexible

The G4 Guitar Method gives your lessons the structure needed for developing the essential skills but you can easily combine this with your own materials for a more personalised experience.

The Importance of Progress Tracking

When I first began teaching guitar in the 1980's I would simply teach the songs. This worked okay but I always felt like something was missing. Students would ask the question "How am I doing?" meaning how were they progressing.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT! What was missing was a way of measuring student progress especially in terms of skills. This is when I decided to break down the skills into 7 Essential Skills all guitar players NEED TO KNOW. 

The G4 GUITAR METHOD was the result. Now students, teachers and parents always know how they are progressing. This sense of progress has been shown to be one of the most important factors to success at almost anything. 

Join now & Grow Your Business

Here are the 3 reasons teacher join G4 GUITAR

  1. 1
    Save money. When you join G4 GUITAR all the lesson materials are available for downloading and printing saving you and your students . There are 11 books (PDF's) in total including a Young Beginners (6 years or younger), 5 levels for Juniors (ages 6 to 12 years) and 5 levels for Seniors (ages 13 to adults). Each level is has 20 to 30 pages of exercises and the exercises get progressively harder.
  2. 2
    Save time. The less time you spend lesson planning the more time you can spend teaching and getting paid. When I speak to guitar teachers their biggest complaint is the amount of time they spend doing unpaid work for students. A guitar method of any kind makes you more productive and efficient.
  3. 3
    Students growth. The reason many guitar teachers struggle to grow their student numbers is because the students they do sign up tend to drop out within 6 to 12 months. This tends to happen because there is no long term plan. When you have a clearly defined 5 year plan (or longer) for your students they are much more likely to stick around. If students get a sense that there is no plan they can quickly lose faith and stop their lessons. When I first implemented the G4 Guitar Method the big obvious difference I noticed was students stayed longer. In fact dropouts became very rare.

What Teachers Are Saying About G4

"I’m liking this more all the time..."

"I've been going through the G4 Method(s) and books. I’m liking this more all the time. My students seem to be quite responsive, receptive and yes, even excited (as am I!)" Russell Nollen - Ames, Iowa United States.

Russell Nollen  //  Ames, Iowa United States

My school is all about David Hart’s (G4 Guitar )method...

About 3 months ago I was surfing the guitar net as usual when up popped the name David Hart and the G4 guitar method. There is a saying that’ when the student is ready the teacher will appear’ and I must have been ready for at the moment the teacher had certainly appeared. I was so impressed with the method I signed up almost immediately.The result-My income has increased by 33% approx. WITHOUT taking on any additional students, see David’s website to find out How

I can take not just Sunday off but any day of the week I choose because I don’t teach any more – see G4 website to find out How I have 2 excellent teachers (half my age ) who do the teaching and who I recruited and trained in the method –see website for how to. The teaching now at my school is all about David Hart’s (G4 Guitar ) method and not the teacher. Teachers come and go –the method is constant..

MIKE VARDEN  //  Ennis, Ireland