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  • At G4 GUITAR we've developed a method that will help you to grow. 
  • Save yourself years of work, time & money.
  • 11 books covering ages 3 years old to adults.
  • Teacher training & business plan included to help you succeed.

Ready To GROW Your Teaching Business?


*No Contracts, Cancel Anytime. 

        What you get;

  • G4 GUITAR METHOD All levels access
  • G4 GUITAR Branding License
  • Hosted website on fast dedicated server
  • Thrive Themes plugin
  • G4 Teacher & Business Training Online
  • Customised marketing materials
  • Listing on the G4 GUITAR website
  • Email Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Franchise program is for guitar teachers looking to be part of an established and trusted brand. When you join G4 GUITAR you gain access to our method based on more than 30 years of research and development along with a business formula that will help you to GROW your student numbers. If you want to grow your student numbers, earn more and work less G4 GUITAR is for you.

G4 GUITAR is a formula for SUCCESS!

David Hart, G4 Guitar CEO & Founder

Have you ever wondered why some restaurants are packed while others are empty?

You might assume it's their food or their service or their low prices and that is true but here is the thing...

Great restaurants don't just get lucky. Everything from their menu to their decor to well trained staff are all planned. Everything is based on highly developed systems. A formula for success if you like.

Teaching guitar is no different. Developing your systems generally takes hundreds or even thousands of hours of trial and error. At G4 GUITAR we have spent many years testing different ideas to find what really works. Everything from the marketing to sales to teaching. You might say we are obsessed with success!

G4 Guitar is a teaching & business system for guitar teachers to help them easily find, sign, teach and keep guitar students.

In 2005, I began G4 Guitar based on 20 years of research. I began with the teaching creating the G4 Guitar Method (initially a 4 step process to learning guitar) then I developed the marketing and sales. Over the next 2 years we enrolled 3,000 guitar students and open 5 locations.

In 2009 we launched the G4 Guitar Franchise program for guitar teachers. We were initially only working with teachers in Sydney and then Australia. In 2012 we began to expand to other countries including the UK & the US. Today we help teachers around the world reach their business goals.

G4 Guitar is the only place where you will find a complete teaching method, business plan and marketing plan for teaching guitar. We are an all in one solution to growing your guitar teaching business and becoming fully booked.

G4 Guitar has everything you need to succeed!

Our mission is to help you succeed. That's why we created G4 Guitar and it's why most of our clients are either fully booked or well on their way!

What Our Teachers Are Saying'

"Whoo Hoo, I'm fully booked and starting a waiting list. I now have students across different states and time zones. International would be next …” 

David Minns G4 Guitar Franchisee Orange County, CA United States.

"When I joined G4 in early 2018, I had just come out of probably the lowest point of my life. I was overwhelmed, fed up with my business and worrying about how I was going to pay all my bills. For a long time I thought about winding my business up and looking for a day job. I'm so glad I didn't as I now absolutely love what i do again, feel on top of things and am looking forward to what the future will bring. So if you're reading this at the beginning of this journey (or at some point along the way) please know that it IS possible to build a successful music school with the right systems and support in place (and all of that is provided right here in G4 - with particular thanks to David and Emma). I didn't think it was possible either but here we are :)” 

Vicki Workman G4 Guitar Franchisee Croydon,  United Kingdom.

"My god. My inbox and phone have exploded with inquiries. This is insane.” & "WHOOO JUST HIT 50 STUDENTS! And just hired a teacher! So stoked.” 

Alex Eldridge G4 Guitar Franchisee Sydney, NSW Australia.

Have a question? Email  info@g4guitarmethod.com