How To Get 1000’s Of Free Visitors To Your Website – Interview with Christoper Sutton

Christopher is a lifelong music lover. Determined to become “musical,” he took lessons in cello, clarinet, piano, saxophone, and electric guitar, and sang in numerous choirs and ensemble groups. Despite reaching proficiency with the instruments, for a long time he still didn’t feel “musical” like the apparent naturals he saw around him.

Through many years of trial and error, studying and discovering, Christopher realized there were ways to “become musical” and he was so passionate about this discovery that he found creative ways to bring these insights to others through his work and career.

Christopher is the Director of Musical U but he actually wears many hats! He serves as the team leader, he writes and edits articles and tutorials for MU members and he helps develop new features and build the future of Musical U.

Founder and Director of Musical U, Christopher Sutton is a passionate musician and is dedicated to the mission of helping more people to feel confident in music. He is the creator of best-selling iOS app Relative Pitch, the leading ear training website, and the viral sensation

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