Finding Guitar Students on Pinterest


Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site and those who have been quickest to embrace it are fashion conscious adult females. This is great news for guitar teachers because this audience believe it or not is your prime target market. 

Connect with young parents

The ideal student for most guitar teachers will be young children. The reason being that young children are better long term students. When children become teens they will often decide to teach themselves and are less likely to be under the guidance of their parents. When a teen gets bored they will just quit whereas with young children their parents are more likely to consult you first. 

Mothers love Pinterest

Statistically I found that the longer I taught the higher the percentage of young students I would end up with. This was because they simply stayed longer. When a 6yo enrolled they would likely be around for 5 years or more. Now the mothers are often the ones who decide where and if their child will learn guitar so you need to appeal to them and Pinterest is one of the places where you will find them. Now is the time to make yourself visible on Pinterest. Try pinning pics of cute kids learning guitar. 


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