Why Private Guitar Teachers Are Financially POOR!


This is a hard pill for many private guitar teachers to swallow. In many cases they have spent years teaching privately and some even manage to earn enough to make a respectable wage but I can safely say very few if any get above the average income. You only have to run some basic numbers to see this is true. 

Private guitar teachers need to teach after school and evenings and perhaps Saturdays as these are the times when students are available. Even if they taught 6 days a week this would amount to at best 35 hours a week. There will always be gaps and cancellations so an 80% full schedule would be about right for a good teacher. School kids get 12 weeks a year holidays plus there is about 2 weeks of public holidays a year. This brings the total hours for the year down another 20%. Now you must also add in your administration hours, lesson prep, lead in and lead out time (the time before and after your shift starts) and cancellations. That 20% of time you are not paid for due to cancellations or gaps in your schedule.

This all means that if your hourly rate is $50 per hour your bottom line over a fill year looks more like $13 to $18 per hour.  About the same as a low paying job except there are no benefits. So what is the solution? Read my blog

 ‘How to Teach Guitar Students in Groups‘.



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