Preventing 4yo Guitar Students from Quitting

I was recently speaking to a mother of a 5yo boy about guitar lessons. I explained that with young children the first lesson can seem very exciting but that excitement can quickly turned to fear. As a result they don’t want to go to lessons. The fear is just nerves. They know that they will be asked to play guitar in front of the teacher and to a child its the equivalent of asking the average adult to stand on a stage and make a speech. We all fear judgement. Some are just better at dealing with it. The fact is with each lesson children gain more confidence and usually by the 5th lesson the fear has subsided. Its important to persist right through the 5 week introduction to give your child a chance to gain the confidence they need to continue.

The mother’s response 

“Wow I am so glad you told me that because I have tried to introduce him to dancing, swimming, preschool and it was exactly as you say yet no one has ever mentioned this before. You guys really know what you are doing”.

Parents need your guidance

Parents recognize the behavior but often misinterpret what is actually going on. New situations are often daunting for young children. Parents don’t know usually because no one has ever told them. I only know because years ago I read it in a book and instantly recognized the behavior. I then began to test the remedy and it was like magic. I went from have around 80% of young children dropping out after a few weeks to around 5% almost over night. I had originally thought children just weren’t ready. Speaking to parents from lesson one about this topic made all the difference.



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