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Franchise Network  
G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS is an international franchise network of guitar teachers operating their own guitar teaching businesses either from their homes or commercial studios under one name. The benefits of being a member of G4 are many and include everything from a system of teaching, to business and marketing plans which also includes extensive support to ensure the success of your teaching business. Our mission is to provide beginner to intermediate guitar students with the best possible experience by offering teachers world class teacher and business training along with the resources and systems needed to achieve a high standard.  
My history (David Hart)
I began teaching guitar professionally in 1984 when finishing school to supplement my performance income. In the 90’s I began to develop a teaching and business system which became the foundation for the G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS. In 2005 I opened the first G4 GUITAR SCHOOL opening five schools in total in 2 years in Sydney Australia. In 2009 I decided to expand into a franchise network. Initially in Australia and later the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Through networking I was able to substantially increase the potential of each and every franchisee. This is more important than ever due to the changes in recent years  as a result of the Internet. Working together as a global network allows us to keep pace with today’s rapid changes in all aspects of teaching, business and technology.
The Business Plan
The goal is for each and every franchisee to be earning $100,000 or £60,000 per year within 1 to 2 years based on our proven business plan. We know that we will only attract great teachers if they have the potential to earn a great income. This may or may not be right for you as it depends on your goals and motivation but here is what we offer our franchisees;
  • Location: Each franchisee is designated an area. In most cases we allow a 15 minute drive (according to Google maps) between locations. In cases of low populated areas or special circumstances we will extend this on request.
  • Resources: A complete system for teaching students in groups for consistent results and a generous profit margin.
  • Website: We create and maintain a dedicated website for you specifically for your area.
  • Branding: You can advertise yourself as a G4 GUITAR teacher which includes signage, shirts, car signs etc.
  • Certified: You will be listed on our website as a certified G4 GUITAR SCHOOL.
  • Online Marketing: We will include your area in our brand marketing program on Facebook and Google.
  • Local Marketing: We create customised local marketing material for you to attract students.
  • Support: We offer full support to help you build your business and reach your income target.
We have a well tested marketing plan so you don’t need to take unnecessary risks with advertising. We use the latest proven marketing strategies so it’s easy to attract new students in your area and consistently grow your enrolments. We also leverage this though our branding. Here are a few reasons why our marketing is so effective;
  • Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Guitar teachers today have difficulty standing out. To the average student guitar teachers are all the same. To succeed you must stand out. Think Apple iPhone, Gibson Les Paul etc. G4 GUITAR is a brand and The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a our product. This immediately gives people a sense that we are unique.
  • We don’t follow the pack: Guitar teachers typically do the same kinds of marketing. In other words they are mostly advertising to the same people and are competing for a small number of students. The trick to finding students is to market where the majority are not. This gives you access to a bigger untapped market.
  • We design our websites for best results: This is critical and is where many guitar teachers are losing out. Most websites are ineffective so advertising on Facebook or Google will be a waste of money if your website is not converting visitors into paying students.
  • Proven tested marketing: How much do you charge for lessons? $50 per hour, $100 per hour? The typical guitar teacher puts in many hours every week on time wasting marketing efforts and time is money. If you spend even 5 hours a week on time wasting marketing that’s costing you $250 to $500 per week. We have done the testing and continue to test so you don’t have to.
Why join G4?
Being part of any franchise network is about leveraging systems so you achieve your goals faster. When you buy say a Gibson or Fender you are leveraging their 50+ years of experience plus their millions of dollars in resources. When you buy one of their guitars you are paying a fraction of what it would cost you or I to build from scratch. G4 GUITAR is a business plan based on 30 years of experience to help you succeed sooner and with greater certainty. Developing programs for teaching, marketing, sales, managing, administration, teacher training, social media as well as dealing with a myriad of daily tasks and challenges that go with developing any new business is a massive undertaking. No need to reinvent the wheel so to speak. 
This is perhaps the point you will most easily relate to. As a guitar teacher you understand that your students will generally progress faster under your mentoring compared to going it alone. 99% of guitar teachers operate without any kind of teaching and business mentor. Most don’t even have guitar teachers. The problem with this is it contradicts what they are promoting which is the value of a mentor/coach/teacher. By putting yourself into the role of student you not only learn from others but you come to understand the teacher/student relationship much better and most importantly you are walking your talk.
Collaboration and the network effect
The original idea behind G4 GUITAR was one of collaboration. On the surface G4 may just seem like a guitar method combined with business systems but that really is just the tip of the iceberg. By collaborating with teachers around the world ideas quickly turn into reality. In terms of the network effect we have guitar teachers around the world marketing and promoting one name which raises our brand at an ever accelerating rate. This means that as new members join our brand awareness grows exponentially and everyone wins. Just imagine when a student decided to research G4 GUITAR online. They are going to find thousands of pages of information which is constantly growing. This instills greater confidence in potential students.
96% of all new start up businesses fail. Over 90% of franchise businesses succeed.
Almost all new startups fail and it’s generally due to a lack of resources and leverage. Franchises on the other hand almost always succeed because of shared resources, marketing, knowledge and skills from likeminded industry professionals whose job is to stay on top of changing trends and opportunities. Franchisees save an enormous amount of time because they are not constantly reinventing the wheel. For a very relatively small cost you can tap into a proven formula for success. By joining G4 GUITAR the world’s fastest growing guitar teacher franchise your teaching business will go from start up to highly profitable business in much less time and with greater certainty.
30 years of experience plus 50 teachers and growing
I have been in the business for 30 years. I now work behind the scenes full time developing the G4 GUITAR brand, systems and resources to help franchisees improve their businesses. Think of me and my team (my team consists of Emma Payne our Sales trainer with 15 years experience enrolling music students and Saizza who takes care of the websites and other admin duties) like full time employees but one with many years of experience. If you were to pay someone with experience to develop your business it would be very expensive. Being part of a franchise like G4 GUITARwill allow you to tap in to a wealth of experience at a fraction of the cost therefore leveraging your business and allowing you to grow much faster than you likely would alone.
Franchise Details
For details please follow the link: G4 GUITAR Franchise
Please check out our G4 Guitar Franchise Testimonials.
How to apply
To apply to become a G4 GUITAR Franchisee we begin with a Skype Call. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and meet myself (David Hart).  To make an appointment please reply by email with your Skype address and your location. 
As mentioned I would be happy to talk to you on Skype but please feel free to email any questions.
Kind regards,
David Hart
Program Director
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