Building trust – The first step

Here is an email from an adult inquiring about lessons. Take a read and see my response below. Notice how he by begins telling us how he wants his lessons conducted but finishes with “I do want structure”. This student is seeking information. Great teachers don’t just pedal information. Great teachers lead and inspire. To do this you must build trust. How do we build trust? Be honest. Read on…

I’m not interested in the 5 week introductory phase as I’ve been playing guitar most of my life. What I am after is theory on scales, arpeggios etc, which I lack. Learning to read is of no interest to me as I pick most things up by ear naturally. I want to learn how to play lead in majors, minors, 7ths etc etc. If this isn’t what you do, please let me know. Having said all that, I do want a structured approach to the areas I want to increase my understanding of.
I want to be honest with you and describe who we are. Although we can teach you the theory of scales. modes etc. our approach is definitely a structured one. I have been playing for almost 30 years and teaching for 22 years. I spent my early 20’s frustrated because my teens were spent mostly with teachers who had no structure or clear path for me as a guitarist. It was through years of teaching and seeking out mentors (not just guitarists) that I began to understand what was missing. Structure.

The G4GUITAR METHOD is all about providing structure and benchmarks. We are about what will give students the best long term results. Having a great ear is a wonderful gift/skill but to avoid reading (as I did as a teen) only makes it harder. Teaching theory is so much easier when you understand how to read music. Reading music for someone like yourself would be relatively easy to learn and would open you up to whole new world of musical understanding. Having a well rounded approach that includes, theory, reading, aural and technical skills will ultimately give you the best result.

Our philosophy is simple. Guitar is for life so lets do it right. Most people take up guitar for life but unfortunately learn like they only have a week to do so. We take the approach of doing it right the first time. As a result our students excel. I know there are great guitar players who don’t read or have any theoretical knowledge and G4 is certainly not the only path to success but it is the one I would personally choose.

I hope that makes sense and am happy to answer any other questions you may have.


Here is his response…

No sense doing something by half, so lock me in for Saturday’s at 4.30pm

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