4 Ways To Find New Guitar Students Offline

These days the focus for most guitar teachers trying to advertise for guitar students is online but offline marketing is equally important and is often a lot easier than you think. At G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS we help our members with offline marketing by using design templates that we then customised with their details. Here are 4 ways we do this.

Flyers – This is a very effective way to reach your local target market. Door hangers or flyers in mailboxes (although you need to check with local laws) are a tried and proven method.

Car Signs – Your car is visible in the area so a car sign is an inexpensive way to be seem by thousands of locals. The G4 GUITAR branding makes it easy for people to find us on Google.

T – Shirts – These are extremely effective. I found that when I wear the shirt out on any given day inevitably someone will make a comment or inquire about lessons. Again with the G4 GUITAR branding it makes it easy to remember.

A frames & Banners – These work well if you have a commercial location. They also come in handy for market stalls or other promotional events. 


Want to teach guitar?

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