What Kind Of Guitar Teacher Are You…A Leader Or A Pleaser?

Imagine this. You have a serious weight problem. You have been to the doctor who tells you that you now have diabetes and, will soon need daily insulin shots but, if you take immediate action on your weight its still avoidable. This is a serious wake up call for you. You then decide to take action on your weight problem by interviewing two different weight loss coaches. The first coach is a very nice person and you immediately feel comfortable with them. On the first day they go through your diet and ask you what you are willing to change. They also chat to you about what and how much exercise you would feel comfortable doing. The second coach is very different. They immediately look you in the eye and say “Don’t worry. I have a plan for you and I will have you doing triathlons by this time next year. Here is the plan.”

Can you see the difference between these two coaches?

The first coach was focused on making you comfortable. Their mission was not to rescue you from certain diabetes but to instead, keep you comfortable and happy. The second coach on the other hand was about to make your life very uncomfortable. Comfort is your enemy and this coach knows it. The second coach is a leader. The first coach is a pleaser and is not interested in your success. Just your money. The second is focused on your success.

Most guitar teachers are pleasers 

Their goal is to keep students coming back each week by making them happy. The difference between great teachers is focus. Great teachers are focused on their students not themselves. Pleasers are not really trying to make students happy. They are trying to make the student like them so they keep paying them. Great teachers don’t care if the student likes them or not. Despite what some may think, this is because they actually care about the student. They want the student to succeed. So much so that they are willing to forego being liked by their student.

Q. How would you describe your best teachers?

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