Free Advice On How To Build A Successful Music School – Interview with Paul Myatt

Paul Myatt is a co-director of Forte School of Music and along with Gillian Erskine has helped to create all the Forte course materials as well as writing the easiLEARN® series for Warner Bros Publishing and Alfred Publishing. Over the years he has presented at many conferences including: The NAMM show in the US earlier this year and will be back there again in July, ASME (Australian Society of Music Educators), AMAC (Australian Music Association Conference), ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff-Schulwerk). Paul has been involved in music education in Australia since 1986. Paul still teaches and is incredibly passionate about music education and the benefits that it brings to people of all ages. His passion also extends to exploring the latest technology which I can attest to having seen his school management software first hand. While Paul loves technology and what it can offer, he is still a firm believer in the teacher being with to the student, whether that be in a class or one on one environment. Teacher education and how educators can become good teachers is also a passion for Paul. Paul’s goal is always to teach himself out of a job! He wants to create a learning environment (classroom or one on one studio) where students are motivated, and then honoured for their hard work and achievements. This can only be done by real live teachers. Computers will never be able to replace these most human aspects of education. In his early years, Paul trained originally as a high school music and mathematics teacher at Brisbane College of Advanced Education (BCAE) now known as Queensland University of Technology. His principal instrument was French horn with piano as his second instrument. Paul has played piano professionally for many years, he currently plays piano and sings in a cabaret show called 2PAULS. Paul has played keyboards, electronic organ, and pipe organ at different stages over the years. At present Paul is concentrating on learning singing. He is also a Bass singer with the SYDNEY PHILHARMONIA CHOIRS in the Symphony Chorus.

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