Working with Teenagers

Teenagers are often looking to create their own identity. They do this by rebelling especially against their parents. It is therefore important as their teacher to connect with them on their level. A good way to connect is to share your own stories as a teen getting into guitar. I will often say how when I was a teen all I wanted to do was play my amp on 10 and it drove my parents crazy. They would tell me to stop the noise. At that point I might play an example of TNT  or Eruption or Smells like Teen Spirit.

Find out what gets them excited. Talking about a concert, a song, a band. I remember being so passionate about Led Zep as a teen. If my teacher played any Led Zep I thought he was a guitar god. It often doesn’t take much. Just need to find what it is and that may involve some questions and even a little research. My question would be what music do they want to play?

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