Teaching reading to groups

This is one area that most teachers (including myself) struggle with at first. Reading itself once understood is quite straight forward so most students should be able to practice at home on the exercises at their level.

Set handicaps

When in class you will need to set handicaps on each piece depending on each student’s level. This will work on any piece and you can move from song to song to allow for each student’s level. Lets say you start on a simple exercise like the notes E,F & G on the first string. The beginner student will just do as is where as the intermediate student could play in a different position (E.g. 2nd string) and the advanced player could play octaves or harmonies or even chords that include the melody.

Advanced pieces

The reverse of the above is to work with an advanced piece of music. Advanced student plays as is, the intermediate might just play the first note of each bar and the beginner can simply clap the beat.

There are many variations but its basically about setting an appropriate challenge that will help each student to advance their reading skills. The more you do it the easier it gets.
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