Teaching guitar is NOT democratic

Students who aren’t willing to stick to any of your policies are a problem because they take away your focus from your core mission of producing great students. This applies to any of your important policies. For example they might not want to pay for lessons via your subscription (opting to pay you via an invoice) but are otherwise a good student. Sorry but they have to go for the simple reason that each time you need to make an exception for a student you slow down your progress. It creates extra work for you which subtracts from time you could be spending developing your program and business to offer all your students a better experience.
Teach a man to fish
Our role as teachers is to teach the skills of guitar.  Teaching is not a democracy and yes it could even be considered a dictatorship but for the good of all. What you are looking for are students who will comply with your policies. You see anything less will result in poor results. I am not talking about taking away their creativity by the way. Its just that the lessons are the time to learn skills. Creativity is not something you need to teach. Everyone is naturally creative. When students have the skills they have the tools they need to be creative in their own way.
Focus on your best students
When I say best I mean those who follow your rules. When you focus on these ideal students you will eliminate pretty well all of your problems because all of your problems are related basically to students who don’t follow your policies. By the way, don’t feel bad about letting the students who can’t keep pace with your groups go because there are plenty of other guitar teachers who will gladly take their money.
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