Teaching guitar in December/January.

DecI had many early years stressing at this time of year as my guitar students would politely say that they were stopping lessons and would contact me in the new year. I would watch my numbers literally halve yet my bills (due to Xmas) go up. This would trigger my panic button yet every year without fail by February I had more than made up for any losses.

Don’t panic

During December you will lose more students than probably any other time of year but its not a cause for panic. December/January is really just the time when people wind down, take a break or change direction. Some students you will lose permanently but many will return in the new year along with a whole bunch of new students provided you do your part.

Your part is to communicate

Talk to all your current students to establish what their plans are. With students who will be stopping lessons try to establish what their plans are for the new year. Will they be returning and if so when?

Set a clear goal for February

How many students do you want by February? Make plans to do the necessary marketing (E.g. flyers) to make it happen. If you have found yourself caught financially short the best thing you can do is go hard on the flyers and vow to make sure it doesn’t happen to you next December. Remember its the lean times that test your business. Almost any business will survive in good times. So learn from the experience and plan for next year.

David J Hart




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