Teaching the G4 Guitar Method

G4 guitar logo lowTeaching the G4 Guitar Method is not suitable for most guitar teachers simply because we don’t follow the pack. We do things differently and to most guitar teachers this feels uncomfortable. For those who are prepared to step out of their comfort zone you will be greatly rewarded. To assess whether G4 Guitar is right for you please ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Am I willing to teach students in groups?
  2. Do I have 20 hours a week to dedicate to a business?
  3. Am I willing to follow a proven structured teaching method?
  4. Am I willing to follow a proven business plan?
  5. Am I willing to regularly report on my business?
  6. Am I willing to listen and learn?
  7. Am I a strong communicator who follows up quickly?

If you answered yes to all of the above we welcome your application. G4 Guitar may or may not be the right solution for you.  Below is a more detailed explanation which I recommend you read.

1. Group teaching. If you are looking to teach guitar privately (one on one) with students G4 Guitar is not for you. Private guitar teachers based on our calculations make less than $30,000 per year and the few who earn more than $30k work long hours. To earn more and work less the solution is group teaching. G4 Guitar teachers are trained in how to teach guitar in groups effectively. This is not just about earning more money but its also about getting better results for students. Bringing students together so they can work in teams will see your students progressing faster and less likely to quit. Research has shown that students who learn in small groups (known as collaborative learning) out pace those who learn one on one. So you not only earn more its better for your students. Its a win win.

2. 20 hours per week. When a guitar student comes to you and says they can only practice once or twice a week what would you say? “Hey that’s okay. Just do what you can.” The problem with this reply is its misleading. Students who are not prepared to practice at least 20 mins a day 5 days a week are unlikely to progress. There is simply no point and taking them on as a student will only make you look bad. Same applies with G4 Guitar teachers. You must have the 20 hours a week to dedicate to G4 Guitar to be a success. We are not going to mislead you in to believing that by simply joining G4 Guitar your business will magically thrive. Its a partnership where we make you accountable. You need to dedicate the 20 hours a week to the business for it to grow and thrive. Anything less and G4 Guitar is not for you.

3. A proven system of teaching guitar. Even if you are an experienced teacher and have a system of teaching you need to question how well it works. To test this theory ask yourself the following; How many of your students complete your course? 50%? 60%? 80%? If its less than 95% your system needs work. The reason so many teachers fail in this area is not due to a lack of talent or even desire but a lack of awareness. Most don’t realise that a 95% success rate is even achievable. They see their students as the ones who are failing not themselves. Comments like “It’s up to the student to do the practice” or “The reality is less than 50% of students really have what it takes” are common justifications. What would happen if a football coach made these kinds of comments? Great teachers and coaches take responsibility for their students. If your students are quitting before successfully completing your course for any reason your system of teaching is failing.
4. A proven business plan. The reason franchises far out perform  independent small businesses (10 to 1 according to one study) is because they are almost always based on a proven system. When you start your own business based on your own business plan the chance of success according to statistics is 4%. Franchise businesses on the other hand have a more than 90% chance of success.  Developing a successful business systems takes years even decades. The only reason I stuck with G4 Guitar for so long was because there was simply nothing available. No one was offering guitar teaching franchises with a proven track record. The truth is very few guitar teachers truly want to develop the business. They generally want to play guitar and earn money doing it and teaching seems like something they would enjoy. The problem is most guitar teachers have neither the time nor the knowledge to build a successful teaching business. Many unfortunately believe they are successful and earning good money say $50 per hour because that is their lesson rate. When you take expenses, holidays, missed lessons and administration time into account over a full year the $50 per hour looks more like $10 per hour. If you are already teaching guitar and believe you are earning great money just check your tax return or bank account. How much did you actually earn? What G4 Guitar offers is a proven plan that will have you earning $100,000+ per year teaching less than 20 hours a week. We launched our business plan in 2005 and within 2 years had enrolled over 3000 students, open 5 schools and employed 20 teachers. We are now a world wide network and we know the plan works if you stick to it. You can spend years developing and testing your own business plan or you can just follow a proven plan. You only have to look around you at all the guitar teachers who earn well under $100,000 per year. If fact I challenge you to even find one who earns more than $100,000 per year.5. Regular reporting. Accountability is one of the main benefits of a teacher or coach. In my opinion a great coach will hold you to higher standard than you would hold yourself. Students who learn with a teacher almost always progress faster. Professional sports people have coaches and I doubt many would consider trying to go it alone. Anyone who is serious in just about any profession has a coach. Even your students are smart enough to know they are better off with a coach. In fact those guitar teachers who do not have a coach are being hypocritical. The best coaches measure the performance of their students. All G4 Guitar Franchisees are expected to report on a regular basis so we can measure your performance. This ensures we know whats going on and whether or not you are on track. For example you might be getting a good flow of inquiries but how many are you actually enrolling? Reporting this number will allow us to see whether you are meeting the numbers required to succeed. If not we will look closer to find what you are missing and offer solutions.6. The importance of listening. Have you ever had a friend who keeps repeating the same problem for which you have the perfect solution yet when you try to help they are not interested in listening? If they would just take 5 minutes to listen to you could easily solve their problem. Its frustrating right? As a guitar teacher you are most likely to succeed if your students are listening and acting on your advice. Like your friend if they won’t listen to your advice and at least try it chances are they will just keep repeating the same mistake. I here guitar teachers all the time complaining that their students are either not practicing or not practicing what they ask. I respond with a simple question. “Why do you continue to teach them?” The obvious answer is money but there is actually more to it. Most teachers fail to explain their rules from the beginning and are not serious when it comes to accountability. Without clarity from the outset your student will not have confidence in your coaching and will likely ignore your advice. Remember they have come to you looking for a solution to their problem and want definitive answers. You need to assure them that they are in the right place.  Make it clear from the first phone call what you will do and what you expect from them and avoid trying to just please them. Be honest about what it takes to learn guitar. The same applies with G4 Guitar teachers. The plan we have for you will work provided you follow the advice. Our reputation hinges on the success of our teachers and we know that the success of our teachers depends on how closely they listen, learn and follow our advice.7. Communication. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of music teachers and there was a point where I realised the best teachers tended to be those who communicated with me or other senior teachers the most. Especially early on. When I first began employing teachers in the early 90’s I was quite busy doing a lot of teaching as well as running my business so the less questions a new teacher asked the better I thought. The ideal teacher seemed to be the one who could just take over a shift with no questions and complete confidence. While this occasionally worked out okay in most cases problems soon began to surface. I would discover students weren’t practicing or were less enthusiastic and drop outs began to rise. On the other hand those teachers who ask lots of questions even to the point of being annoying often worked out well. They may have even lost a lot of students early on due tot their inexperience but they were improving by asking questions. It soon became obvious that teachers who asked questions had a greater chance of success long term. I can now pretty much predict the likelihood of long term success based on the number of questions a teacher asks in the first few weeks.

Yes or No?

If your answer is “Yes G4 Guitar sounds like me”  Please take a look at the following link Guitar Teachers Wanted for details.

If your answer is “No, G4 Guitar is not for me” I thank you for your time and wish you all the best.

A few more benefits for G4 Guitar Franchisees

Networking. Most of the leading future analysts say that success in business form this point will be based on networks. I would argue that this is already the case. Networking extends your reach on almost every level. For example joining the G4 Guitar Teacher Network immediately puts you in contact with other professional guitar teachers who collectively have thousands of hours of teaching and business experience.  No matter now much experience you have as a guitar teacher and how much you believe you know there is always more to learn. We all know this from playing guitar. Jamming with others is the advice we give to our students and its the same advice we need to take. Networking is not just about learning from other teachers. Its also about giving back and sharing your own experiences. When I talk to friends about my guitar teaching their reaction is generally a bored look. When I speak to the teachers on the network they are fully engaged.
Marketing. One of the major challenges for guitar teachers I speak to is finding new students. Marketing is expensive and risky. Most free marketing is ineffective and there is a lot of competition especially on the internet. If you place an ad on a free website directory you will rarely be alone. Every other guitar teacher will be doing the same. It’s usually a very crowded space and you are just one of many and students will generally look for the cheapest option. If you opt for paid marketing it can become expensive so what’s the answer? When I started G4 Guitar I began with one school. At the time there were a few options for marketing but one effective way was via the local newspaper. It was expensive and students tended to come from only about 30% of the newspaper’s coverage area. This meant 70% of my marketing costs were wasted. Opening a second school in the area meant that I could capitalise on this marketing at no additional marketing cost. I went on to open 5 schools and each new school benefitted from the existing marketing I was already paying for. Joining G4 Guitar means you will benefit from the literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing we have already out in place plus all future marketing. For a small cost you are tapping in to a brand name. To add to this you will be taught local marketing strategies that will allow your business to  grow quickly.
Save time. Developing a successful business is a major undertaking that most small business owners severely underestimate. In fact its not much different to becoming a successful guitarist. Very few people who take up guitar truly understand what it takes to become a Satriani or Segovia. To be successful in business you need every advantage you can get. Successful bands for example don’t succeed by doing everything alone. They employ the services of a road crew, sound engineers, management, record companies, publicists and so on. Doing everything by yourself means everything will just take a lot longer. G4 Guitar is like a very valuable employee. Not only will we provide you with most of what you will need to succeed we will also keep developing our marketing and systems to ensure our teachers are the best. Finding an employee with as much experience and dedication to the success of your business for such a low cost will be near impossible.
Unique Selling Point. Your USP is your advantage over the competition. It’s the reason people will choose you and only. Guitar teaching is what we call a commodity. Coffee for example is a commodity. Anyone can sell coffee but only Starbucks sell Starbucks coffee. In the case of G4 Guitar only we have the G4 Guitar Method. This gives you an advantage over your competition. Even if an inquiring student has never heard of G4 Guitar the fact that we have teachers around the world, hundreds of testimonials and thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers will give them confidence.
So how does your current business stack up? This question is for those of you who are already teaching guitar. If you have been teaching 10 years and have 50 students your growth rate is 5 students per year. This is not a good business. In fact this is a terrible business. Each year your income has probably only increased to keep up with inflation.  Some teachers might argue that they don’t want more students because they are comfortable. In my experience these are the same teachers who complain they can’t afford a concert ticket to their favourite guitarist or haven’t been on a holiday in 10 years and who complain about working too many hours for too little financial reward. The G4 Guitar teaching system is design to teach in groups and will therefore allow you to earn 4 or 5 times more than most private teachers.
Teaching guitar is a science G4 is about applying the science of learning to guitar. Many of the discoveries made in recent years have literally revolutionised the way we learn. Teaching music in most cases is done by musicians who are simply passing down the knowledge they received from their own teachers. This is understandable of course but given the huge leap in our understanding of the human brain especially around the way we learn in recent years I knew we needed to look more closely at the way we teach guitar. I knew that for instance the high failure rate of guitar students was a problem and one that I set out to solve.
Your average music teacher. Your average teacher tends to be over confident, under experienced and rarely seeks advice. The reason I know this is because I receive thousands of inquiries from guitar teachers and they fall into two categories. Those who are open to advice and those who are not. Unfortunately the later makes up more than 95% of those teachers who have contacted myself. This means that less than 5% are open to advice. But the real statistics are even worse because those who have contacted me are the ones who are at least aware that they don’t have all the answers. So what’s the problem with this? The problem is these are people who are either teachers or want to be teachers. They are in the business of selling education yet they are not partaking. It’s like going to a doctor who doesn’t believe in the medical profession. It just doesn’t make sense.
The G4 Guitar Franchise solution.

After reading the above you can now decide if G4 Guitar is right for you. If yes I can assure you that if you follow the system you will surely succeed. I know this to be true because I have been doing it for 30 years and I know what works and what does not.

Yes or No?

If your answer is “Yes G4 Guitar sounds like me”  Please take a look at the following link Mentor v Franchise for details.

If your answer is “No, G4 Guitar is not for me” I thank you for your time and wish you all the best.


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