Why some teachers get more inquiries

I have noticed that some of our members get up to 10 inquiries a month while others only get 1 or 2. There are so many factors that its impossible to know them all but one I believe I have isolated is the Google Maps listing. Those members who are listed on Google Maps through G4 GUITAR (not independently) get the highest number of inquiries.

Understanding Google Maps.

Anyone with an address can list themselves for free under Google Maps but you will be listed independently. When you list yourself independently you may or may not appear. It depends on Google. When we list you through G4 GUITAR there are a few distinct advantages.

1. Google pays more attention to you because you are part of something bigger so you are therefore more likely to rank.
2. Customers pay more attention because you are part of something with a reputation. In other words you are less of a risk.
3. Students inquiries are directed to the G4 GUITAR website where they will get a consistent message, an easy to fill in form and information on the G4 GUITAR METHOD.

How to register for Google Maps with G4.

All I need is your current teaching address and I will list you. Google will send you a card with a pin number which you will need to email me so Google can confirm your address is genuine.

The idea is to get more inquiries for everyone. I would like to see everyone getting 10 inquiries a month and I believe this is a step in the right direction.

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