What is the ‘Teacher Trap’?


The teacher trap is very common most fall into the trap at some point. I myself spent my early years in the trap and it was very frustrating. The good news is the trap is only a trap if you are unaware of it.


So what is the trap? The trap is where you end up focusing on the wrong students. We get what we focus on. Focus on the wrong kinds of students and you will end up with only the wrong kind of students and your teaching. When I say the wrong kind of student I mean one or more of the following;

  • They don’t practice enough
  • They don’t follow instructions
  • They are disruptive in your class
  • They fail to turn up to lessons consistently
  • They need constant reminders to pay fees

The bottom line is the student is difficult to teach or maintain for one reason or another and require more of your time and energy. Time and energy that should be going to your best students.

The disruptive student example

Lets say you have a student who is not practicing the required materials and as a result you start spending more time with them in class to try and explain or bring them up to speed.  As you neglect your better students they will begin to drop out to seek out a teacher who will give them the attention they deserve. An even worse scenario is when your progressive students actually stay but just stop progressing to try and fit in. You owe it to your best students to ensure they get the best of you.

Don’t be fooled

I have spoken to many teachers who will argue that the student may just be a slow learner. The concept of a slow learner is largely an urban myth. Slow learners are usually the ones who do the least practice. Short of an actual diagnosed learning disability you need to address the real problem of practice. Why isn’t the student practicing and it needs to be address outside of the class.



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