Teach guitar, charge less and earn more

When it comes to education I think the cost is much less important than the value. I for one would rather a teacher who delivers results even if I have to pay more because I also have to consider my time but what if you could have both?

Effective group teaching
I know of a guitar teacher who has been teaching for over 30 years. He offers a competitive price for private guitar lessons, works hard and seems to struggle to make it worth his while. While he complains a lot and I happily offer him advice he seems not to make any changes. My recommendation is always the same. Teach in groups. I think he fears the whole idea of trying to juggle 5 or more students at one time. Private teaching is fine if you want to spend your whole week teaching but I prefer teaching no more than 3 days a week. I am guitarist and I want to play guitar, I don’t want to be teaching all the time to be able to afford the things I need and group teaching allows me to achieve that.

Students want value for money
Group teaching allows you to give your students more value. If you are teaching too much you need to spread your energy over a lot of students. This doesn’t allow you time to become a better guitar player and therefore teacher. If you grouped your students and spent 1/3 of your time teaching you could spend 1/3 practicing and 1/3 preparing materials for your students to give them better value. Bottom line is they want value and they don’t really care how you deliver it.

Different types of students

Not all students will want to learn in groups and that’s okay. Send them to a private teacher while you focus on teaching groups. By focusing purely on group teaching (and following my training) you will become a great group guitar teacher and your students will get excellent value for their money. They will pay less and get more.
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