The successful guitar teacher mindset


Recent research conducted on successful people has shown that they simply have a different mindset. They think differently therefore act differently and get different results. Generally they do not start with more money or more opportunity. A good book to read is Mindset by Carol Dweck (Stanford University Professor). In her book she gives lots of examples but points out that a successful person can look at almost any situation and see endless opportunity. I have always believed that everyone wants to play guitar. In my mind I can’t see why someone wouldn’t want to play guitar. We all grow up on a diet of guitar based music. I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t like at least one song that involves a guitar. I also believe that most people are better off with a teacher opposed to self teaching. Not just guitar but most skills in life. We all need mentors. When it comes to success it starts with a mindset and success follows not the other way around.

 Is your current mindset holding you back? 

Perhaps you are questioning yourself or aspects of teaching guitar in general. Maybe you don’t believe there are enough students out there who will want to learn. You may very well be right but how can you know for sure? One thing I know is that successfully begin by believing. In this case you must believe there are more than enough students out there willing to pay you because if you don’t you won’t even try. The easiest way I have found to adopt a positive mindset is by reading or getting a mentor. When we listen to successful people we begin to think like them.


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