Do you really want to succeed as a guitar teacher?

I have come to realise that what separates people’s outcomes in life is not talent or money but excuses. Procrastination prevents us from moving forward on our goals keeping us right where we are or worse, going backwards. 
What are your current excuses?
This is an important question. What are you telling yourself right now? If you have a job do you tell yourself you can’t afford to leave your job? Do you think next year will be better? Do you have a house mortgage or a family to support? Or is the real reason FEAR? The excuses will not change your situation. Either you are committed to a goal or your are not. The best advice I can give you is to stop with the excuses. It’s a destructive habit that is holding you back from success. Sell the house. Pull the family together as a team. It’s not your job to support them. You should all be working together to build a better life. If they don’t like it then it may very well be your family who is holding you back.
Action + Learning = Success
Taking action is a key component of success but in itself will not automatically bring about. You need to take the RIGHT actions. You need to learn from others to leverage yourself. I have read hundreds of books on business, coaching, teaching and success generally. I have been to dozens of seminars and had many mentors and coaches over the years. Learning is a never ending pursuit but the lessons have saved me from making many mistakes and wasting years. If you want to succeed faster, bigger and better combine daily action with constant learning but above all, STOP with the excuses.
The G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS Franchise Application Process
For full detail please visit the G4 GUITAR Franchise Application page.
If you would like to speak to myself (David Hart) I would be happy to via Skype. Just send a request via my Skype address: g4guitar1.
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