Why do your students enroll then QUIT?

Buying brainAccording to the book The Buying Brain 95% of decisions are made at the unconscious level. While this might seem like a frightening discovery it is actually extremely powerful. By taking more notice of what you say and how you present what you do your results will improve. Sometimes dramatically. As an example I have always liked structure in my teaching. Its not for every teacher and certainly not for every student but it works for me and my students. On surveying my best students I found that most responded well to the word structure.

Attracting the right students with words
Many students quit your lessons because it didn’t match what they were expecting. In my case once I realised that the word structure was important to my kind of student I set about including it when explaining how my lessons worked. Guitar teachers who prefer a less structured approach will want to avoid the word ‘structure’ because they will only disappoint. In my case it was a trigger for students seeking structured lessons. Many teachers will advertise slogans like ‘Learn what YOU want to learn’ improvising their lessons. This can work but you must use the appropriate language to attract and enroll the right kind of student. In this case I would suggest using words like ‘you’, ‘free choice’, ‘as you like’. This will attract the student who is looking for that kind of experience. The word structure to this kind of student may appeal but it may also mean ‘no choice’ and scare them off and that’s okay.

Reverse engineer
The best approach I believe is to reverse engineer. Start with your best students. Who are they (demographics) and why do they buy? (psychographics). Guitar teachers just like every other person in business should be asking these questions. So who are your potential students? The answer will vary from one guitar teacher to another but the way to begin is by writing down a description of your ideal student. How old are they? What kind of music do they like? Where do they shop? What are their favourite websites? The more you know about them the easier they will be to find. Next, why do they buy? Understanding their motivation will help you to deliver what they are looking for. For example your potential students might respond to certain kinds of words. An obvious example might be the name of their favourite band or guitarist but it could also be less obvious.

No matter what your approach the language you use is critical. Discovering what works for you can take years but if you hope to be truly successful you need to find out. Its well worth the effort.

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