Why students become dissatisfied with their lessons

Expectations are almost always the problem when a student/parent is dissatisfied or any customer for that matter is dissatisfied. McDonalds do well not because their food is such high quality for the price but because whenever anyone goes there the food and service are basically what they expect. Your first and probably most important role as a teacher is to set and meet expectations.
Prevention as they say is the best cure. A student will become dissatisfied if their progress seems too slow. Their progress really depends on practice and the quality of their practice but their expectations may very well come from somewhere else. If their level’s of practice (therefore progress) and expectations don’t match they will soon lose motivation. To avoid this happening teachers need to make it clear to students that practice equals progress and that it takes at least 2 years of 30 minutes a day to reach a reasonable level of proficiency. An hour a day if you want to be good. Keep pushing this message because it is one that students need to hear often.
When a student becomes disillusioned in other words despite your best efforts their progress didn’t meet their expectations I suggest the following. You need to make a plan to get them back on track. Set out your practice expectations and a timeline based on the goal. E.g. Senior Level 1. Once you have done this ask them if they are willing to put in the time required. Our role as teachers is basically to make students (and parents) accountable. If students are not keeping up their end of the bargain you want to address it straight away. Teachers often fall into the habit of letting their students off the hook too easily. When a student is not meeting your requirements you are in a sense misleading them if you don’t address it. I have heard many comments over the years from students who said their previous teacher wasn’t so strict on practice. The reason they left that teacher was due to lack of progress and their lack of progress was due to a lack of practice.
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