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How are you hope your all doing well.

i have a question one of my students who is doing queit well is in a group class and he came on Saturday and said i have another guitar teacher during the week now. I find this compromising to the G4 method. What should i do?

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I understand this can be tricky especially if the other teacher contradicts you in anyway. This often happens if they have a teacher at school. Couple of questions;

Do you know why the student is going to a second teacher? E.g. To learn different styles. Was recommended. Felt the current work load is not enough.

Also how old is the student and what level is he/she now?

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He is 10 on J2 he tends to rush everything and Im always got the reigns on.

My second reply

Aaah yes. I know this kind of student well. They want to know it all today.

I am glad you asked because its a problem many teachers face. The second teacher is not really the problem as this is just a symptom. The problem is this student is probably impatient. They are looking for the quick solution.

Firstly its helps to involve Mum and Dad as much as possible because the parents are the ones who need to reign their child in. Your role is more about supporting the parents in this respect. With 30 mins a week there is not a lot you can do so explaining this fact to the parents will help them to understand their role. After getting the parents involved I would suggest the following;

Ask the student “How long do you think it will take to play guitar?” Whatever the answer I usually come back with 2 years. The reason I say 2 years is because this is enough time for them to realise that learning guitar never stops. It takes 2 years to get the student to a reasonable level but more importantly to understand that results come from practice and not some voodoo magic. Students who were hoping for an answer like 6 months (which many teachers promise) will usually be disappointed. Some students will even drop out because you didn’t give the answer they were looking for and that’s okay because this kind of student will only be disappointed anyway except they won’t be blaming you.

Next I show them the Practice Poster which I have attached but you can download from the G4 Teacher Site. Its under *Teacher Downloads *Stationary. I explain how the time they invest in practice determines the pace of their development.

I also check in with them every week on their practice connecting it back to their progress. I explain that more lessons, songs or exercises will not help if they are not doing the practice again involving their parents. Kids especially are looking for some magic spell. They see a great guitar player and think they know some trick when the truth is they just did the practice required. The only trick is to practice and practice the right things. I constantly push the message and back it with proof in my blogs. Many of my blogs center around this theme. Today’s blog is very much on topic in this respect so take a look and even ask his parents to take a look. The video demonstrates how children who are patient do better in life. As you will see it comes back to the parents.

Hope that helps. Thanks again and let me know how it goes.

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