My student wants to take a break

Case 1. The student has done the 5 week intro and wants to start back in a month or two.

My advice . Put your student into a group now even if they are on their own. If you don’t have a suitable group then you need to make a new group for that person’s level. Tell them that breaking for 5 weeks is not a good option because chances are they will slip into some bad habits.  Remember you are their teacher and they are looking to you for advice. The right advice here is keep students on track by coming to weekly lessons. This will demonstrate confidence to your student and show them you have a clear plan. Some students won’t want to follow your advice but don’t let that phase you. It simply means the student is probably going to be difficult long term. To effectively build your groups you want students who are committed to the program and who will turn up each week. If you allow them to be too flexible they will not take you or G4GUITAR seriously. When I was a teen learning guitar I knew that I had to be at my guitar lesson every week because my teacher took it seriously therefore I took it seriously. That is probably why I am here today.

Case 2. Student wants to take a break for school exams, a work project or some other kind of interruption.

My advice.  One of the best ways to avoid your student wanting to take a break in these kind of situations is to expect them in advance. If a student suddenly says to me that they can’t do lessons for the next month or so because of exams I realise that I haven’t been clear about what learning guitar entails. From the very first time I talked to them I make it very clear that consistency is the key and any break should be avoided. Learning guitar is not like sport or school where breaks are sometimes necessary. When you train hard in sport sometimes you need downtime to recover. When at school six hours a day plus homework taking some time off school will help you to refresh. But a 30 minute a week guitar lesson hardly needs a holiday. If you can make this clear to your student in advance and even ask them if they are at school when they will be having exams and talk to them about preparing in advance to ensure their guitar lessons are not suspended. In short don’t wait for them to announce that will be taking time off. Getting in first.


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