Why you should stick to the current flyer design

Here are the facts. Most marketing doesn’t work very well. It takes time and lots of testing to find out what works best. When starting out it’s important that you stick to the current flyer design because this has been well tested and works every time. If you create a new design as great as it might look remember that it is untested. You are welcome to create different designs but wait until you have done at least 10,000 of the current design, have seen the results and have an establish base of students.

AB testing is where you will test a new design against the current design to see the difference. This is important if you want to keep improving but testing designs is not always a good strategy because it’s risky. For new teachers you want to build your student numbers around proven marketing strategies to the point where you have your expenses covered. When you have enough students you can start experimenting with new designs. Please note that even if you have years of marketing experience or an eye for great design its still a risk because every market is different and there is always a period of testing and when we are talking about the flyers its a lot of time you don’t have.

So you are best off sticking with the current flyer design until you reach a reasonable number of students.

David J Hart
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