*Special request to increase your student inquiries

Hi Guys,

I am trying to make an arrangement with Artist guitars to sponsor G4 GUITAR. This means they will pay for advertising with G4 in the hope of gaining business. The money from Artist will mostly be used to increase our marketing and therefore increase the number of inquiries for our members.
Request: To help please let your students know to visit our website and click on the Artist Guitars link (bottom right corner). Note they need to go via the G4 website to be tracked by Artist.
Check it out at www.g4guitarmethod.com.au
I have been to the warehouse and the guitars are great value for the money and I can personally vouch for them. Ian from Artist stands by his guitars and will refund or exchange if a customer is not happy.  Prices are as low as you’ll find and usually lower than retail. They also give free delivery for orders over $80.
Artist will trial this for the next few weeks so your support on this will make all the difference. Remember this will benefit you directly.
Thank you again for your support.
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