How to get rich teaching guitar

KiyoIn 1990 I decided to quit my job in retail and go into the business of teaching guitar. While I was very young and a little nervous it seemed to make perfect sense. After all in my job I was expected to leave home early, come home late, dress in a uniform and if I was lucky get an occasional pay rise not to mention the tax department took 30% of my pay. On top of all that I didn’t really want to be there. Teaching guitar on the other hand meant I got to choose when I worked, how much I got paid, what I wore and even who my students were. While these were the obvious benefits I would soon learn there was even more to the story. Being in business was the fast track to financial freedom.

Business = freedom
Working in a job will take you many many years to achieve any kind of financial freedom and for most its much life a life prison sentence. The only time I would recommend working in a job is when you love the work so much that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. On the other hand being in business puts you in charge. Financial freedom won’t happen over night but if done right it will happen in a lot less  time than a job and you get to choose how you do it.

Where to begin
If you are new to business and considering leaving your job I suggest you begin by reading.  In Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ he introduces the cash flow quadrant. If you are not aware of the cash flow quadrant I suggest you follow the link below.

The business of teaching guitar
If you are interested in teaching guitar please please visit our website and click on ‘Teach’ at the top.

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