Question re: G4 Invite

Hi David,In regards to the invites, are we to write our students name on the invite and ask them to find a friend, or are we to find out the name of their friend and write it on before we give them the invite, or do we leave it blank for the student to write on it?

Hi Michael,

Good question. I think its best to leave the name open but please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this one. My feeling is it doesn’t really matter who uses it. Also if all students who do free trials register through the G4 website we will avoid any one individual going around having a free lesson with each teacher using the same invite. The goal is to get referrals from our current students. By offering an invite it is special especially if your current student enters their friend’s name. I have now issued about 50 invites and have had 6 people book in and the first trial which occurred on Saturday was a success. My guess is at least 50% will sign up because they are referrals. Its not like we are just handing them out on the street. Those who take up the offer are usually quite serious about learning guitar.

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