Pre-schools are a great place to network

I received the following email from Kire and I think its a great example of local marketing/networking. I think Kire is on to something here and the pre-schools are a great place to network. I am sure playing Wiggles songs would be welcomed at any pre-school.

“The four year old I started teaching has re-booked which I was pretty happy about. That has been really challenging. A good thing that`s come out of that is his mum owns the pre-school and she`s really happy and asked me if I want to leave any advertising material she`ll promote it to the other parents. I`ve learned a whole bunch of Wiggles songs to interest the kid so I`m thinking about asking the mum if she would like me to occasionally put on a bit of a concert for all the kids, a bit of a sing-a-long, maybe create a bit of interest with the other kids. Just a thought.

Anyway, have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,
Kire Stefanovski

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