Where are the potential guitar students?

We know there are thousands of people who want to learn guitar but where are they?

Probably on Facebook or playing a video game 
When I was a teen in the 80’s there was no internet. TV was really the only the distraction so I had plenty of time to learn music. Today for many people its hard to find the time to pursue real goals. It struck me that this was not just a problem for me but most guitar teachers.
Working together 
We often view other local guitar teachers or music schools as our competition but the reality is your real competition is coming from the Internet, games etc. Your potential students are being constantly distracted.  The average person now spends 5 hours a day on one or all of the above. Facebook alone occupies the greater part of a teenager’s leisure time. Time that could be spent learning guitar.

They do have time

Video games are one of the biggest industries in the world today. Sony and Microsoft now make the majority of their profits from video game sales. One of the most popular video games of all time is Guitar Hero. If all the people who played Guitar Hero put that time into actually learning real guitar there would likely be a shortage of guitar teachers. Our challenge is to get them off the game and onto a real guitar not just because its good for business.
Guitar teachers are spreading the message
As stated above other guitar teachers are definitely not your competition but are in fact your allies. They are helping to spread the message that ‘Guitar is better than the Internet, video games, TV etc.’ Every time they advertise they are helping you. The more students they have the more likely those students will in turn spread the message. My whole motivation for the G4 GUITAR Network was to work together with other guitar teachers because after all we are all shouting the same message. “Get off that game and play a real guitar”. The fact is when we work together we are more likely to be heard. We can make a bigger splash. So wherever possible team up with other guitar teachers or any music teachers for that matter. Its a win win situation
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