Does online marketing for guitar teachers really work?

Online marketing for guitar teachers is a tricky business and one that for even the best online marketers yields very little return based on their investment of time and money. I hear from guitar teachers every day complaints that despite their efforts the phone is still not ringing. As I have come to learn there are some very good reasons for this which will make sense as you read on.

Most teachers are wasting their time.
Most guitar teachers are not aware of how to get students via the net. They are mostly playing a guessing game or reading random blogs and articles from people in completely different industries that have no idea about the business of teaching guitar. This random information sends most guitar teachers on wild goose chases often spending lots of time and money on strategies that do not work. So the first step is to stop taking random advice and listen to experts within your own industry. That means successful guitar teachers who are actually getting results.

So what really works for guitar teachers?
At G4 Guitar we have invested heavily in learning what marketing works best for local guitar teachers. We have focused specifically on the business of teaching guitar and what we found is that you need the following;

  • A combination of online and offline. You need an offline local campaign to drive people in your area to your online website, blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. This in turn creates higher traffic to your websites from your area which is where your student inquiries are going to be coming from. You don’t want thousands of people 10,000 miles away finding your website. They are of no use to you unless you are an online teacher of course but that’s for another blog.
  • You need local social interaction. This is a huge one that 99.9% of guitar teachers miss. Most guitar teachers teach privately. Imagine Facebook if your page was private? The reason Facebook is so successful is because its a social medium. People get to interact and include friends. Teaching guitar in groups creates a social environment and will spread the word about you and your guitar lessons quickly. Teaching groups is the key to success yet surprisingly very few guitar teachers teach in groups.
  • Networking. Most guitar teachers work independently. The first problem with this approach is that you have to do everything and I mean everything by yourself. Its a massive job and one that in my opinion is impossible and explains why so many guitar teachers feel overworked and underpaid. Its like a restaurant owner trying to do everything. The job is too big for one person. To earn a good income you need 50+ students but firstly you need to deal with all the administration, lesson planning, accounts, marketing and general administration. Who then has time to do all that? Networking allows you to share the load. For example G4 Guitar Network members have much of the online marketing done for them. They also get access to all the lesson materials they need along with support and solutions to most problems they face.  For example spending lots of time writing your own blog won’t really help bring local students but its still a valuable way of adding value to your current students. With G4 we have a very popular blog (10,000 reads per month) which give us credibility in our niche and is a resource for our teachers. Teachers save time because they don’t have to keep blogs. They simply refer their students to the G4 blog. This alone is worth the cost of their membership.

In summary a combination of online and offline marketing campaign will solve your marketing issues. The more offline marketing . Group teaching creates a social effect which will spread the word quickly about your lessons. Lastly networking helps you to leverage your time and resources.

David J Hart
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