The Online Guitar Revolution

Youtube video guitarGuitar teachers everywhere have been hit harder than most losing many of their students to the Internet with enough free websites and online tools to make your head spin. As a result its now easier than ever for students to teach themselves. I started learning guitar in the 1980’s when even tab was hard to find for popular songs. Learning songs generally meant going to a teacher and asking them to tab it out or teach it directly to you. This teacher tab service kept most guitar teachers gainfully employed and if you were a good teacher a waiting list was the norm but that era has now well and truly past.

Are guitar teachers soon to be extinct?
Not so fast. The Internet does offer students everything they could possibly need or want in terms of video tutorials, tab and tools but the teacher experience is something I believe students want. We all need mentors and coaches because we want someone to guide us. We want to know whether we are on track. We want to be reassured and told to hang in there when the going gets tough. We want someone to give us hope when things seem hopeless and that is why good teachers will always have a role to play.

Understanding the online revolution
Guitar teachers who think that they can continue to operate like they did last century are likely struggling to find enough students today. Teachers most definitely have a role to play today but its very different to the pre-Internet era. Back in the 80’s and 90’s we needed teachers to show us how the songs were played. Students really had little choice. Youtube more so than any other site really changed that. Students now have a choice which means teachers are no longer a necessity. In fact teachers for many students are seen as a luxury and if you are not something special your students won’t be hanging around for long.

Guitar students are no longer looking for teachers.
The biggest question I get from teachers is simply how to find students. Advertising online doesn’t seem to work all that well and offline options seem to be outdated. The difference today is that students are no longer looking for teachers like they were 20 years ago. You now have to go looking for them. Your potential students or their parents are now online reading blogs, chatting on Facebook, watching Youtube videos and generally searching. If you are not in these same places you will not be found. Knowing how to work these spaces is the key and that is where I can help you.

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