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Screen Shot 2012-03-31 at 12.07.40 PMIt is amazing that when we focus on time how much you can achieve in a small amount of time.  On the surface guitar teaching is my business but after almost 30 years I realise what I really am is a coach. Working with guitar students who will often say they don’t have time to practice has became the all important question. My response to their lack of time claims literally determine their success as a guitarist. I knew to be a successful guitar teacher I needed to get students out of the ‘I have no time’ mindset. We all have the same time. Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, John Petrucci and whoever your guitar heroes are. We are all equal in this regard.

Leveraging time.

Those who know how to leverage time will always achieve more so the aim is to leverage your time and the time of those around you. Leveraging means making the most of every minute and here are my tips and what I tell my students.

Focus – Break up your day into 10min time blocks. Focus on one thing for 10 minutes. Do not allow distractions where possible. Applying this idea to your business you might spend 10mins  on following up on inquiries or 10mins on developing your teaching material. When you start to focus you will get more done. Keep working to 10 min deadlines and you will work more efficiently as well. Ever notice how sports teams go hard in the last 10 minutes when the score is close? As an example I am writing this blog in 10mins.

Delegate – When you understand the value of time you can decide whether its best for you to do it or to delegate the task. In other words where is your time best spent? Guitar students for example must do the guitar practice. It cannot be delegated but they could delegate some other task that will free up more time for guitar.

Technology – A great example of leveraging is technology. Emails for instance allow me to send an update to many students at one time. This saves me calling them one by one. This can be applied in many areas of your life but it requires taking time out each week to look for the opportunities. Another example is paying bills. I automate bill paying wherever possible so I don’t have to physically do it myself.

I hope that gives you a few ideas.

David Hart

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