“Methods are for teachers who don’t know how to Teach”

I received the following email from a teacher who came across our website and after seeing what we do said the following;


“I am not at all interested in your guitar method.  Methods are for teachers who don’t know how to Teach. I get most of my students because of learners disliking their experience with teachers using methods.” 
My reply.
I appreciate your honest reply but would like to offer you a different point of view.
A good example of a method (system)
Let me start with an example of where a method (system) works. The airline industry is extremely safe because it uses a system. All pilots are trained according to a method and all planes are scheduled according to a system. If we allowed pilots to operate according to their own rules planes would be falling out of sky with great frequency. Guitar teaching is an unregulated business and most teachers have no system making up their lessons as they go along.  Teachers who operate without a method have no way of knowing whether their system of teaching actually works because it changes with every student. If you change your system for each individual student then its not a system or method and therefore can never be verified. Science by its very definition is the ability to repeat an experiment with consistent predictable results. You can only do this via a method.
Trying to please everyone
What most teachers do is individualise the lessons to compensate for the fact that they have no method. Great chefs don’t mess with a great recipe.  Great chefs cook great dishes and attract clientele who appreciate their style of cooking. They don’t try to please everyone. Individualising your lessons means you are trying to please everyone. When you stop trying to please everyone you attract the people who are right for you. You need to have a method because a method is your product. No method means you have no product. You are just another teacher.
Practice what we preach
Its important to practice what we preach and as teachers what we preach is mentoring. Your students pay you to mentor them in guitar and its important for you to do the same. I may not be the mentor for you but it could very well turn out to be a worthwhile investment. Its good to look outside the square because at the very least we will question whether what we are doing is the best option.
You have 45 students. I can show you how to have 100 students teaching 3 days a week using a method teaching groups. Teaching in groups is only effective if you have a method. By the way teaching in small groups has been proven in many studies to get better results for students. I won’t go into why here as that is what I teach but I hope you will consider giving me a try for 30 days.
Thank you again for your email.

David J Hart
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