Local marketing – Why it matters

If you really want to boost your business in 2012 its important to take action locally. Think of G4 (my role) as  national/global marketing whereas your role is to reinforce locally. Both types of marketing are symbiotic. One with out the other tends to be ineffective. I don’t really want to bore you with the reasons why because I know you have better things to do but research simply shows again and again that the combination of local and global will bring about the best results. A good example is McDonalds who do national ad campaigns but then pay for local road signs ads.

So here are some examples of local marketing you might like to try.

Local fetes – At least a few members have recently mentioned doing stalls at local fetes and have had great success. Ask some of your students to go along to play. Having locals in one place in a relax atmosphere is the perfect opportunity to talk about your lessons and to connect with the local community.

Shopping centres – I have personally done this several times and it works well. The last time we did it we receive over 100 inquiries in a week and signed up about a dozen students. That was at Rhodes several years ago and on last count some of those students were still with us. The cost was about $800 but the net return was around $20,000. Not a bad investment.

Business networking – I know several members do this already. In my case I teamed up with a lady who had 3 piano schools. We would refer students to each other but we also printed two-sided flyers together. I would deliver them and she paid me half the delivery cost. So not only was I walking streets advertising my own business I was getting paid to do so.

Local performance – A few members have either done local performances or asked their students to perform with great success. Check with local schools and council to see if there are any opportunities. They are often looking for some free entertainment for various events. Anything local with create great exposure.

Schools – Get involved with the local schools some how. It’s always best to try and make some connections through your students or friends. When you start asking you will probably find opportunities. I have done this many times. In one example I found out that a parent at Northbridge was head of the parent committee for a local school. We would chat regularly and eventually she enrolled for lessons and became a big fan of G4 and in turn recommended us to many parents. She also set up opportunities to perform at the school.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to share.

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