There will be very few JOBS in the future

1223Jobs are disappearing fast. It’s that simple and if you don’t believe me here are the facts. In 1965 around 12% of people were self employed. Today that figure is over 30% but it has been rising rapidly in recent years. In other words it’s on an exponential growth trajectory. From 68 to 98 (30 years it rose from 12% to 18% or 6%). From 2000 to 2010 just 10 years it rose by 7%. This means it took only 1/3 as long. 

Technology is growing exponentially which means more and more jobs will be replaced by computers/machines. Ray Kurzweil the world’s most respected futurist says that 60% of jobs in 2025 don’t exist today and most jobs today will disappear. So whatever job you are trained for now will be irrelevant in 10 to 15 years. Most of the world will be self-employed in a decade or so from now. There has been a steady upward trend towards self appointment since the 1960s but from 1998 it has jumped sharply.

The rise in self employment I believe is because of the Internet and this trend will continue to grow at an alarming rate. Internet has created two problems for jobseekers in the western world. Firstly most jobs can now be taken offshore to countries with lower wages and less expenses like insurance and retirement plans. The second problem is technology. More and more jobs are becoming automated. Artificial intelligence is already coming online which means even people in customer service jobs will soon be out of a job. Most retail will eventually be done by robots and this is already happening in some stores in Japan. The future is clearly in self-employment unless you are some kind of IT whiz but even those jobs will eventually be largely replaced by AI. Add to all that the fact that the disparity between self employed and employees and self-employment becomes the obvious choice.


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