Interview with new guitar teacher

Screen shot 2010-08-19 at 10.09.08 AMRandy:  Sounds good.  I signed up for the mentoring program yesterday and just downloaded the materials.
David Hart: That’s great. So lets dive in. Do you want to ask any questions before we start?
Randy:  Where do you want to begin?  I will have lots of questions as I get to know the material.
David Hart: I think giving you an understand of the business plan is the best place to start.
Randy:  Sure. Let’s start there.
David Hart:  There are 3 basic elements.1. Group teaching. There are several reasons why we group teach rather than private. Group teaching when done right is actually more effective than private.
Randy:  Question: how do you keep your students on track as you bring new students onboard? Do you wait to begin a class until you have a set number of signups?
David Hart:  They are also less likely to drop out due friendships and connections they make in the group. We use the checklists. Its based on the same concept as hospitals where patients have their details on a chart hanging on the end of their bed This gets updated by doctors and nurses so anyone who comes along just picks up the chart and can see the patient’s current situation.
Randy:  understood.
David Hart:  Great. In our case its the teacher, student and parents who want to be able to check on progress at anytime.
Students should have the checklist in a folder with them at every lesson and refer to them when practicing at home. The other important point about groups is the pricing. You will be cheaper than most private teachers which makes it attractive to most people. me:  The last important point about groups is that they help you to go viral. People in groups talk to each other and spread the word. I could talk about this for hours but think of of it like Facebook or Twitter. When people connect you get a viral effect. Teach privately and there is no viral effect.
Randy:  That is a great approach!
David Hart:  To be honest I stumbled across it by accident but it works. The great thing is almost all guitar teachers only want to teach privately so you will have almost no competition.
Randy:  Good point.  I know that the local retail music shop teaches privately but not group sessions.
David Hart: Perfect. You will do well. The hardest part is the teaching itself which I will help you with.
Randy:  Good. I have some teaching experience but I’ll need your guidance for your program for sure.
David Hart:  Okay no problem. The g4 Guitar Method was designed for group teaching and once you understand it you won’t need to be doing any lesson preparation. It will be like learning a song set for a gig and then playing the same gig each time. No.2. Target children. So lets look at the 2nd point. Today will be basically an overview. The 2nd point is to target children for a few reasons. Firstly they will stay longer.
Randy:  I was wondering if kids would be a better focus than adults.
David Hart:  Definitely. Adults tend to stray easily which I will explain. If you enroll a 5 year old (this will take some training in working with younger kids) for example when done right they will stay with you probably until they start high school or longer. Teens on the other hand tend to be more focused on hanging out with friends or on Facebook.
Kids also have their parents supporting them. This means they can’t just decide to give up with out first discussing with parents. Teens and adults will make their own decisions. When we have to consult someone about any decision we are less likely to make rash impulsive decisions.
Randy:  Is it difficult to pitch the idea of group classes to parents? I’ve wondered if they had doubts when making that decision.
David Hart:  Actually its pretty easy especially with children because they learn in groups all the time. At school, sports etc.
Randy: Okay great. That makes sense. So where to from here.
David Hart: Work through the online training at your own pace and note down any questions you have and you can email them to me and I will either reply or set up another chat.
Randy: Thank you David.
David Hart: Thank you Randy and have a great day.
For more information please visit our website and click on ‘Teach’ at the top.
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