How to increase your email response by over 100%

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Sending out a monthly email is recommended but here are some tips to help improve the success of your email.

Have a catchy subject line. The subject line is what people read to decide whether or not to open your email or not. It should therefore read like a compelling newspaper headline. It was once said that you should spend 80% of your time on the headline and 20% on the article/email because without a compelling headline most won’t bother reading your article anyway.

Take note of the first line of your email. There are two reasons. Firstly this line will either keep them engaged or lose them. They should be curious to know more after reading this line and it should somehow be connected to the subject line. Secondly some of it will appear in the Gmail feed so it will impact directly on the chances of your email being opened.  

Make it easy to read. Keep it brief and to the point. You can always refer them to a longer blog post or article on the topic. You just want to give them the main idea. Keeping it short and interesting (quick tips) increases the chances they will read your follow up emails.

Send them somewhere. Try to include an action of some type. It could be to a special offer, your blog, your website, a video, an event, your Facebook page etc. Giving them an action increases the value of the email and also improves the chances of them taking some kind of action that results in a sale.

Track their movements. Try to follow their movements from opening the email to clicking on links to certain pages. This will allow you to see which emails are working and which are not.

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