The importance of marketing – A follow up on Stefano’s last blog.

What Stefano wrote in his last blog post is a lesson I personally  learnt the hard way. In my 20’s my business cycled back and forth from the edge of  bankruptcy to good times on numerous occasions. I recall my mother saying again and again (she owned bedding shops) to continually advertise no matter how good or bad things may seem. When most people advertise they expect instant results but it rarely works that way. Apple, Coke, McDonalds constantly build brand awareness despite the fact they they rule their markets. Their marketing programs never stop and they keep up their marketing even when times are bad. Its their marketing that keeps them alive and well and growing even in the toughest of economic climates. It’s their knowledge of marketing and human nature that ensures their success.

3 times rule.

Their secret is known as the 3 times rule. My main aim is to build the G4 GUITAR brand so as guitar teachers you have a unique advantage. In other words you have a strong selling point. This can really only be truly effective if backed up with local marketing. This is because of the 3 time rule. This means that most people need to hear of you 3 times and from 3 unique sources before they will act. Let me use an example applied by almost all successful companies but in this case I will use McDonalds.

1. Radio – You hear about their brand especially around lunch and dinner time.
2. Print – You see and read about their brand usually targeting the appropriate demongraphic. E.g. McCafe to 35’s and over.
3. TV – You feel their brand through a video experience again around lunch and dinner time.

They can of course add many more layers such as brand placement in movies or at sporting events or use celebrities or signage and so. In your case due to limited budgets the best most tried and proven way is local letterbox or sponsoring school newsletters and events.

Hope that helps.

David Hart – Program Director


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