Guitar Teacher Page 1 on Google in Just 4 Days

Google Ranking with Google+Perhaps one of the most popular questions guitar teachers ask me is ‘How do I get on Page 1 of a Google search?’ This is an important question because being on Page 2 of Google leaves you basically unseen. A study recently conducted showed that social media is now the most powerful influencer when it comes to Google ranking. This is because Google view social media active platforms so when your website and brand appears on social media it gets more attention from Google compared to a static website laying dormant on the Internet somewhere.

Page 1 in just 4 days.

Now that’s a record even for us. I decided to test this information by including our latest member’s website (G4 Guitar School Rockingham WA) in a post and in just 4 days (the website only went live the day before) it went to 4th place on page 1 for the most popular search term ‘guitar lessons’ plus the location making it the perfect search. What’s more it stands out with our LEARN GUITAR logo so even though it is in 4th place it’s the one your eyes are drawn to. Thank you Google.  

The power of networking

The ranking is not just the result of posting a single post on social media but the combination of an active brand on social media. G4 Guitar is a worldwide network of guitar teachers with active engagement everyday across our social media platforms. With teachers and students all over the world seeing and liking our posts everyday we are already on high on the Google radar for search terms related to guitar lessons. This means as an independent teacher it will be a lot harder and usually take a lot longer to rank on Google.

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