How many of your guitar students quit in the last 12 months?

Most teachers lose a few students in any given year but the majority lose far more than they should. When I interview teachers about the reasons behind why students quit they almost always say their students didn’t have the time or money. These two excuses are certainly the ones students give but are rarely the real reason. It almost every case students were unable to see how the lessons were going to help them achieve their dream. In other words they can’t see the value. Students give up on the teacher, the method or themselves. They are not likely to say this to avoid offending the teacher but it is the painful truth. The problem is this is very costly for the teacher. Guitar teachers who fail to take responsibility and look at where they are going wrong will inevitably struggle to grow their teaching business.
The value of student dropouts
The guitar students who quit amount to thousands of dollars lost but they also reflect poorly on the teacher. If students are not succeeding then the message into the community will be a negative one and referrals are unlikely. I know from my research that my average student would recommend at least 2 other students. Every student was worth $5000 on average so if I lost one student it would cost me $15,000 in lost income. Another consideration is the financial loss and the erosion of your confidence as a teacher and business operator. Each student that quits should be seen as a serious problem and needs to be addressed. Sweeping it under the carpet or believing you were in no way responsible will not make it go away. You need to do a forensic analysis and look at what you can do to avoid the same situation occurring in the future. Student drop outs are largely avoidable once you understand the reasons why.
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