How to get guitar students to click on your ads

Facebook LogoYour online ads have one simple function and that’s to get the right people clicking on them. If the ads are free the more the better but if you are paying for each click as with Adwords you want to make sure those clicking have a good chance of turning in to paying customers. Getting clicks on my guitar lesson ads generally requires 2 things.

Firstly the heading must include the word guitar and should somehow catch their attention. It might be something simple like ‘Guitar School’ or you could have ‘5 Tips for Beginner Guitar Players’ or it could be a question like ‘Want to Learn Guitar Fast?’ Depending on where your ad is placed you may be able to put longer headings or include a picture.

The second important element is to include an offer or call to action. E.g. Free Download for Limited Time. The idea is give them a reason to click your ad. Your ad in most cases will have to appealed to them within a few seconds or they will move on. The best option is to AB test different ads to see what works best. Eventually you will narrow down the ad that works best.


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