How do we know G4 Guitar teachers are actually good?

This is a common question we receive from both potential students and teachers. Students obviously want to be assured that we have some kind of quality control in place so they can be guaranteed an effective and positive learning experience. Teachers wishing to join the G4 Guitar Network want to ensure their reputation as a good teacher is not tarnished by association. In other words if we just accepted anyone as a G4 Guitar Teacher and one or more of those teachers were not of a reasonable standard this would reflect badly on all of our teachers. The reason chains and franchise businesses do so well (10x better according to statistics) as compared to independent businesses is because they offer a consistent and reliable experience.

What’s wrong with music teacher directories?

The problem with most online directories for guitar teachers is the very fact that any old guitar teacher can join them. There is no quality control. Students are taking a gamble and have no real idea whether they or not they are choosing a qualified teacher and for this very reason many people avoid contacting teachers via online directories or classifieds.

How we (G4 Guitar) select our teachers? 

We don’t just accept any teacher as a franchise. There is a 3 step process and it is as follows;

  1. Teacher Training Kit. Teachers purchase the kit and get access to all our teacher training materials and teaching resources. At this point they can decide whether G4 Guitar is right for them.
  2. Teacher Mentor Program. This is designed to train teachers to a standard where they can join our Franchise program. Teachers on our Mentor program are not listed as G4 Guitar Teachers.
  3. Franchise Program: Teachers are certified and listed on our website as G4 Guitar Teachers.

Once teachers are accepted into our Franchise program they must adhere to our standards. If we receive repeated complaints (which to date has only ever happened once) about a teacher we will downgrade them to the Mentor program until we feel they are ready to rejoin our Franchise program or if need be we will cancel their membership completely. We feel its important to maintain a standard to protect the good reputation of all our teachers.

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