G4 Guitar Doubles Members in 2014

I first launched G4 Guitar back in 2005 in a small studio in Sydney, Australia. As you probably know in just 2 years I took it from one school to 5 schools, 20 teachers and enrolling over 3000 students. By 2009 I was ready for something different. I decided to go from a chain of schools in Sydney to a national franchise network. As with all ideas it took sometime to get off the ground. In fact it took until 2012 to see any real interest. At the the beginning of 2013 interest began to grow and by the end of that year we were truly national across Australia covering most states and major cities.

Going International

In mid 2013 I had put the word out that we were looking for G4 Guitar teachers in the US and the UK but just like in Australia things began slowly. I knew just like Australia it was going to take a little time to educate guitar teachers of the benefits of joining the G4 Guitar Franchise Network. By the end of 2013 the positive signs were showing. Interest was growing and international members began to sign up. It had taken around 4 years to reach 17 franchisees and then 2014 exceeded all my expectations.

2014 boom

In December 2013 we had 17 franchisees and they were almost all in Australia. Fast forward to December 2014 and we now have 35 franchisees. Slightly more than double in just 12 months. What took 4 years to achieve was done in a fraction of the time. We now have more franchisees internationally (outside of Australia) then in Australia and we expect this trend to continue. I expect in 2015 we will double or even triple our number of franchisees and may even reach 100 by the end of 2015.

Why the sudden explosion in growth

I have studied coaching and business in depth for over 20 years. I wanted to understand what made a great teacher and just as importantly a successful business. Not just a profitable business but one that would grow and sustain for years to come. I have read several hundreds of books on business, management, coaching, teaching and biographies to explore and understand the minds of the greatest and most successful people both past and present. I wanted to become an expert in success and use that knowledge to help guitar students to succeed while also building a guitar school and business that exemplified the lessons I had learned. The rapid growth in 2014 I believe is the result of years of study. Success as a guitarists, teacher or entrepreneur is not easy but there are strategies that are well tested and just seemed to work every time.

When is the best time to join?

In a word, Now! If you wait the chances are you will miss out. G4 Guitar only allows one franchisee per area and once that area is taken it is no longer available. The longer you wait the more likely someone will take your location. This is not just because new franchisees will join as word spreads but also many of our current franchisees are opening second locations. They understand that the best locations will get snapped up quickly and they know they need to get in quick. 

How do you become a G4 Guitar Franchisee? 

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a G4 Guitar Franchisee please email 


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