Why The Flyers Work for Guitar Teachers

The flyers work in several ways. Firstly we know from doing literally hundreds of thousands that 1 in every 1000 results in a genuine student inquiry based on our design. But there is more to the story. At least 1 in 5 of those who sign up will refer a friend. Delivering the flyers raises local awareness and gets them talking. In the areas where we initially did a lot of flyers the flow on effects are evident even years later. The flyers will put your lessons on the map in the local area but make sure you deliver at least 10,000 or more to see  its average out. This requires about 80 hours of walking and will result in 10 students.

My success with flyers

I have built several million dollar music and guitar schools from the flyers so I know they work. My parents also had successful businesses that were built off the flyers which I would do as a kid.  if you are in any doubt its good to chat to other teachers in  our Facebook group to get an idea of those who have been at it  for a least a few months.  For example one of our teachers in  Australia  announced he had delivered 6000  flyers and has  enrolled 6 students but 3 of them enrolled just in the last week. A few weeks ago he was worried it wasn’t working because he had delivered 5000 and only had three students and felt it wasn’t happening quick enough.  he can now see how it is averaging out and is more confident to do more flyers knowing that one in 1000 will result a new student.

The delayed effect

Another less obvious effect is the delayed reaction. When someone sees a flyer in their letterbox they may not be looking at guitar lessons at that point in time but the flyer itself plants a seed. It could be months or even years later when they suddenly decide they want to learn guitar and the flyer they saw in their letterbox reminds them that their is a guitar teacher in the area. They will then jump on their computer and search for ‘Guitar Teacher Suburb’ and  G4 GUITAR will often appear on the first page which they are more likely to notice because they have seen the name before via the flyer.

Friends and neighbours

There is also what we call the friend/neighbour referral. Lets say person A gets a flyer and knows their friend or neighbour recently purchased a guitar. They will often pass it on. Now because we are a growing network of teachers this will be extremely powerful. One teacher might drop a flyer in a local letterbox and that person may have a cousin who lives in another suburb/city who passes on the information.  The more flyers we all do the more powerful am message becomes spreading across suburbs, states, the country and even internationally.

Doing the footwork really pays off

The flyers are very important and will bring students to you both short term and long term. I can absolutely guarantee you that the time spent delivering flyers will be well spent. When I first did flyers I was motivated mostly by fitness. I realised as a guitarist I spent too much time sitting so doing a few hours a day delivering flyers was a good balance. So I was exercising and building up my student numbers at the same time.

US Postal Service Laws

In most countries you are free to place advertisement into people’s mailboxes but in the United States you cannot generally place advertising material in people’s mailboxes without a permit. You can however pay registered companies who possess the permit to deliver to people’s mailboxes on your behalf. You can also print and deliver door hangers which is widely practiced in certain states. We have quite a few teachers operating successfully in the U.S. using the above strategies so it might be something to try if you are looking to grow your student numbers. If you prefer not to do flyers I have plenty of other recommendations.


  • Q: How often can I do flyers in the same area? A: About every 3 months would be my recommendation but its not to say every 6 weeks wouldn’t work. I have never really tested it because it took about 3 months for me to cover my surrounding area.
  • Q: What distance from my location would be the best range for flyer distribution? A: Its more about travel time and convenience. If someone has to travel more than about 20 mins you are probably too far. Its not to say some students won’t travel but the odds are reduced. I think its better to focus in your area and your reputation through your students will naturally spread if you are a good teacher.
  • Q:If I am to include another business on the back side of my flyer what rate do you think I should be charging that person at?  A: Just check out how much the going rate for flyer distribution is in your area and charge them half. Be honest explaining that you are just trying to reduce your marketing costs by partnering with them. Let them know that because your business is on the flyer they can be guaranteed delivery. If you have trouble finding a business offer a test where for the first say 5000 if they don’t get a result you will not charge them. Some business owners my abuse this of course but its unlikely especially if they do get a result. If it works they will want to continue. Alternatively you can start a second business of your own. Perhaps you have another skill singing or drumming or even something unrelated to guitar like computer repairs. One more idea is to see if you have any family members or friends who have skills and put them on your flyer. If you are going to be marketing flyers you may as well leverage your flyer.
  • Q: Should I be indiscriminate about which houses to send them to or do I need to assess properly who’s living in each one of them? A: The flyers are inexpensive so just put in every letterbox except those who say ‘No’ to unsolicited mail. Guitar is extremely popular and even if the person in the house is an unlikely person to want to learn guitar they may know some who wants to learn.

Find more guitar students, earn more money and work less hours

G4 Guitar is about working together with guitar teachers from around the world. If your aim is to be a successful teacher and entrepreneur and to earn a great income without having to work more than 20 hours a week G4 Guitar may be the solution you are looking for.
Please watch the video to learn more about how G4 Guitar will help you as a guitar teacher.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at g4guitar1@gmail.com
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