Finding Guitar Students Using Twitter

Twitter guitarTwitter offers guitar teachers an excellent opportunity to attract students but its unlikely to be immediate. What Twitter offers is a way send short messages to those who follow you. In terms of guitar students those who choose to follow you will tend to fall in to two camps. 1. Students who are already enrolled with you and 2. Potential students who not enrolled with you. You can have two separate accounts for current students and potential students but its probably not necessary if you are a small one person operation. Just make sure your messages can be understood by both audiences.

Tweeting for new students

Lets just stick to finding new students. Potential students who choose to follow you may have seen your website, your blog, your Facebook page or saw that a friend or someone they like was following you. There will be some random followers who are not interested in what you have to say who are likely wanting to sell you something but we will ignore them for now. To gain followers who are of potential value they will generally come after learning something about you. This is why I advise having a blog. A blog will give you two way traffic. Your tweets can send followers to your blog to learn more about you and your blog can send them to your Twitter account for further updates. The ultimate goal is to get them on your email list so you can tell them more about who you are and how you can help the and convert them to actual students.

Only advertise your services occasionally on Twitter

Whatever you do don’t just advertise on Twitter. Sending out 5 tweets a day saying ‘Sign up for guitar lessons today’ will mostly annoy people. The occasional tweet is okay. A tweet saying ‘5 tips to get the most out of your guitar practice’ will be much more appealing and will inform your audience that you are an expert in your field. It will also help to attract the right kinds of students.

Why I don’t invest my time into Twitter

There are only so many hours in a day. When you practice guitar you can aim to be an all rounder practicing lots of different styles but its unlikely you are going to be a great player of any one style. Great rock guitarists may dabble in jazz on occasion but to be a great rock player they need to focus. Same applies to your online marketing. I prefer to focus my time and efforts on blogging. I believe putting my time into Twitter would be equally beneficial but only if I put the same effort in as do with blogging. The problem is this would take me away from my blogging. My recommendation is to choose. Don’t try to be good at everything. I choose blogging but you might choose Twitter. Either way is fine but whatever you choose give it your full attention.

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